Feel some type of way: Motivated, Sticky, Raw, reinvigorated.



Many hands make a huge mess.

Choose a fast food (type) class or full course (required one hour break for lunch or attendees will eat their words).

Learn how to flex while channeling emotion and depth through your fingertips. Danielle’s classes move between entertaining banter and hands-on exercises teaching students to trust their intuition, embrace risk, start fresh. Leave with great memories and social posts, possibly some stains. Sorry, not sorry.


past workshops

Real Thread // Creative South 2015 // Weapons of Mass Creation 2015 // AIGA Pittsburgh 2015 // Design Ranch 2016 // AIGA Charlotte 2017 // Creative Pep Rally 2017 // Fuse Sessions 2018 // Epicurrence Winter Work Week 2018 // MNSU Artist Residency 2018 //